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Parents know that a haircut can be a traumatic undertaking for a child. This insecurity, however, is relative to the environment. Children are out of their element at a standard salon.


At CANDY'S, the atmosphere is child-friendly, putting the little ones at ease within a comfortable surrounding.


Glam Girl Hour

Why Choose Us...

Twins on a Skateboard


All services include the ability to watch Netflix for Kids or play X-Box games during your child's Haircut.


" The BEST Children's Stylists Around! "

We are specialists when it come to creating a relaxing atmosphere for your child.

All of our staff are caring and patient. Our stylists have gained valuable experience and knowledge over the years, which has helped them understand each individual child's need.

With the help and guidance from parents or guardians who have a child who may have autism, our aim is to create a stress-free experience always.