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Faint Glow


Parents know that a haircut can be a traumatic undertaking for a child. This insecurity, however, is relative to the environment. Children can be out of their element at a standard salon.

At CANDY'S, the atmosphere is child-friendly, putting the little ones at ease within a comfortable surrounding.

Rather than 'swimming' in an adult sized chair, your child will sit in one of our 4 colorful cars to choose from. 

Our services offer professional children's shampoos, conditioners, styling gels, lice treatment products, and much more at our Salon!

How It Works...

Turn an often stressful experience into a fun, comfortable experience at CANDY'S!

During their haircut, your child will be surrounded by familiar faces :

Disney characters such as Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and Princess Elsa decorated at our salon.


We have videos with over 100 child friendly Disney classics, cartoons and movies for Teens to choose from,

this helps to provide a distraction for your child, and before you know it their haircut is complete!

At CANDY'S, we use quiet, low heat blow dryers and safety clippers.

From blowing bubbles to playing with toys, we provide fantastic distractions for little ones who are not quite sure about this whole haircut thing as yet.

Once their haircut is finished, we have even more surprises in store for your child!

They will receive a small gift from the Treasure Chest & a Candy.

So not only will your child look great, but they will feel great too!

We cater to a wide variety of ages, from 3 months and up to young teens.

We have decorated our salon with your child in mind.

For the teens, we offer a separate adult station in the salon for their comfort, this allows us to continue to share the memories as your child matures.


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